Package com.univocity.api.entity.custom

Interface Summary
CustomDataEntity The CustomDataEntity defines the essential methods that allow data manipulation in a user-managed resource.
CustomDataStore<E extends CustomReadableEntity> A CustomDataStore is responsible for managing custom data entity instances and making them available to uniVocity.
CustomDataStoreFactory<C extends DataStoreConfiguration> A custom data store factory implementation, responsible for creating new data store instances from a configuration object.
CustomProcess Base interface for processes executed by instances of CustomReadableEntity and CustomDataEntity.
CustomQuery Provides support for custom implementations of CustomReadableEntity with parameterization support.
CustomReadableEntity The CustomReadableEntity is the most basic data entity a user can define.
ExclusionProcess A process for removing records from a CustomDataEntity.
ReadingProcess A process for reading rows from a CustomDataEntity.
UpdateProcess A process for updating records of a CustomDataEntity.
WritingProcess A process for writing rows to a CustomDataEntity.

Class Summary
DataStoreConfiguration This is the base class of all configuration classes for data stores.
DynamicDataStore<E extends CustomReadableEntity> A CustomDataStore that allows dynamic creation of data entities when required.
TransactionalOperation A TransactionalOperation is created by uniVocity before applying data changes to entities of all data stores that are affected by each data mapping within a cycle (see DataIntegrationEngine.executeCycle()).

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