Interface ReferencedEntity

public interface ReferencedEntity

The ReferencedEntity configuration is obtained from a ReferenceMappingSetup with ReferenceMappingSetup.using(String...).

It is used to identify what source entity has an IdentifierMappingSetup compatible with the selection of reference fields, and what destination entity had its identifier associated with these fields.

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See Also:
ReferenceMappingSetup, IdentifierMappingSetup, EntityMapping

Method Summary
 ReferencedDestinationFields referTo(String sourceEntityName, String destinationEntityName)
          Identifies what entity is being referred to.

Method Detail


ReferencedDestinationFields referTo(String sourceEntityName,
                                    String destinationEntityName)
Identifies what entity is being referred to. An EntityMapping between these entities must exist or, at least the metadata should contain the association between them.

sourceEntityName - the name of the source entity whose identifier can be represented by the source values read from this reference mapping.
destinationEntityName - the name of the destination entity who is mapped to the given source entity.
the next step of a reference mapping configuration: define what destination fields in a ReferenceMappingSetup will receive the values of an identifier of the referenced entity.

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