Interface DatasetProducerSetup

public interface DatasetProducerSetup

The DatasetProducerSetup is used to configure the input of a DatasetProducer being registered in a DataIntegrationEngine through DataIntegrationEngine.addDatasetProducer(EngineScope, DatasetProducer).

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See Also:
DatasetProducer, DataIntegrationEngine

Method Summary
 void on(String dataEntity, String... fields)
          Specifies the input data of a DatasetProducer.

Method Detail


void on(String dataEntity,
        String... fields)
Specifies the input data of a DatasetProducer. When one of the Datasets produced is accessed in a data mapping cycle for the first time in the configured scope, the producer will read the input data and populate the datasets.

dataEntity - the name of the entity that provides data for the DatasetProducer. If there are duplicate names in different data stores, the entity name must be written in the format dataStoreName.entityName.
fields - the fields to be read from the data entity

This completes the configuration started in DataIntegrationEngine.addDatasetProducer(EngineScope, DatasetProducer)

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